Reinventing Work in Europe


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This book looks at the history of work and the meanings that are attached to it over time. Taking as its basis a number of international surveys and interviews conducted in Europe, the authors consider the significance of work for Europeans today.Over the years the meaning of work has changed. It has become more highly diversified, and it is today invested with high expectations that conflict with organisational developments and the changing nature of the labour market. The authors use a generational perspective to explore whether it is possible to reconcile the contemporary "ethos" of work, especially with regards to women and young people, with organisations that are increasingly under pressure to be profitable and productive.Reinventing Work in Europe will be of interest to scholars and students in the areas of sociology of work, employment and organizations, labour studies, digital economy, and political economy.    

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Dominique Méda

Ancienne élève de l'ENS et de
l'ENA, agrégée de philosophie, Dominique
Méda est actuellement directrice de
recherches au Centre d'études de l'emploi. Elle
a notamment publié : Le travail - Une valeur
en voie de disparition (Flammarion, 2010) ; Le
temps des femmes pour un nouveau partage
des rôles (Flammarion, (2008) ; Au-delà du
PIB. Pour une nouvelle mesure de la richesse
(Flammarion, 2008) ; Le contrat de travail,
avec Evelyne Serverin (La Découverte, 2008) ;
Le travail (Que sais-je ?, 2007, 2010).