Michael O'Malley

  • Anglais The Wisdom of Bees

    Michael O'Malley

    • Penguin books ltd digital
    • 4 Novembre 2010
  • Anglais The Wisdom of Bees

    O'Malley Michael

    • Penguin group us
    • 13 Mai 2010

    "It seemed to me that the bees were working on the very same kinds of problems we are trying to solve. How can large, diverse groups work together harmoniously and productively? Perhaps we could take what the bees do so well and apply it to our institutions."
    When Michael O'Malley first took up beekeeping, he thought it would be a nice hobby to share with his ten-year-old son. But as he started to observe these industrious insects, he noticed that they do a lot more than just make honey. Bees not only work together to achieve a common goal but, in the process, create a highly coordinated, efficient, and remarkably productive organization. The hive behaved like a miniature but incredibly successful business.
    O'Malley also realized that bees can actually teach managers a lot about how to run their organizations. He identified twenty-five powerful insights, such as:
    * Distribute authority: the queen bee delegates relentlessly, and worker bees make daily decisions based on local cues and requirements.
    * Keep it simple: bees exchange only relevant information, operate under clear standards, and use straightforward measures and feedback to guide their actions.
    * Protect the future: when a lucrative vein of nectar is discovered, the entire colony doesn't rush off to mine it, no matter how enriching the short- term benefits.
    Blending practical advice with interesting facts about the hive, The Wisdom of Bees is a useful and entertaining guide for any manager looking to get the most out of his or her organization.

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  • Cet hiver, le magazine Continuité a eu l'idée de consacrer son dossier à la relation qui unit notre héritage collectif aux longs mois où les températures chutent sous zéro. Explorez le legs autochtone lié à cette période de l'année ainsi que la manière dont la neige et le froid ont influencé notre manière de construire, de nous déplacer et de nous divertir, notamment. Un sujet d'intérêt puisque les solutions que nous avons développées pour nous adapter à ces conditions extrêmes de même que les traditions auxquelles elles ont donné naissance font partie de ce qui définit la culture québécoise. Bref, ce numéro vous convie à un tour d'horizon du patrimoine de l'hiver, comme un plaidoyer en faveur de cette saison qui a forgé notre identité. Aussi au sommaire, de mystérieux petits vases dans la rubrique Archéologie, les travaux réalisés sur la maison de l'artiste Arthur Villeneuve conservée à la Pulperie de Chicoutimi et la pratique du façadisme dans la chronique Point de mire. (source : Continuité)