Wendy Warner

  • À l'aide de conseils pratiques applicables quotidiennement, boostez vos défenses naturelles pour lutter contre les maladies ! Un nouvel ouvrage santé dans la collection grand format des Nuls.
    Grâce à l'alimentation, l'exercice, la réduction du stress, les suppléments nutritionnels, ainsi que les bénéfices de l'eau, de la lumière du soleil et de l'oxygène, vous pourrez exploiter la puissance de votre système immunitaire et améliorer considérablement votre immunité face à la maladie.
    Dans cet ouvrage, partez à la rencontre de votre système immunitaire et apprenez à en prendre soin :

    Système immunitaire : découvrir le rôle et les fonctions de votre système immunitaire et comment mettre en place un mode de vie qui le stimule.
    Lorsque les choses dégénèrent : comprendre comment et pourquoi certaines conditions vont générer des allergies, des maladies auto-immunes et des cancers, et apprenez comment stimuler votre système immunitaire pour contrer les maladies déjà présentes.
    Manger, la clé pour une bonne santé : prendre conscience des propriétés immunitaires des super aliments - l'un des outils les plus étonnants que vous pouvez utiliser pour être moins malade.
    Cuisiner : profiter des 50 recettes immunisantes pour chaque repas de la journée, des petits déjeuners faciles et des déjeuners énergisants aux dîners destinés à renforcer l'immunité et le repos du corps.

  • Now in a much-anticipated two-volume new edition, this gold-standard reference stands as the most comprehensive and authoritative text on equine reproduction. Serving theriogenologists, practitioners and breeders worldwide as a one-stop resource for the reproductive assessment and management of equine patients, Equine Reproduction, Second Edition provides detailed information on examination techniques, breeding procedures, pregnancy diagnosis and management, reproductive tract diseases and surgery, and foaling.A companion CD offers hundreds of images from the book in color.For the Second Edition, the stallion, mare and foal sections have been thoroughly updated and revised to include the latest information on every subject. New topics include discussion of nutritional and behavioral factors in the broodmare and stallion, parentage testing, fetal sexing and the health and management of older foals, weanlings and yearlings. Additionally, this outstanding Second Edition features a new section on assisted reproductive techniques, including detailed information on artificial insemination, in-vitro fertilization, embryo transfer and technology.

  • Boost your body's defenses to fight-off disease and live stronger and longer Every single day our bodies are under attack from nasty little organisms which range from the pesky to the frighteningly serious. So, what's the best way to fight back? Thankfully nature has provided us with a powerful interior armor-plating-and Boosting Your Immunity For Dummies shows you how to keep that crucial biological gift in tip-top condition. Brought to you by bestselling author Kellyann Petrucci, MS, ND, a board-certified naturopathic physician, and Wendy Warner, a board certified holistic physician,-Boosting Your Immunity For Dummies sets out the sound ways we can supercharge our immune systems to prevent illnesses and diseases such as arthritis, autoimmune conditions, pneumonia, cancer, and the flu. Using a simple program of diet, exercise, stress-reduction, and nutritional supplements, we can keep our internal defenses humming happily along-and get generally healthier in the process! The best nutritional strategies to avoid cold and flu 40+ recipes that show healthy eating can also be delish Cutting-edge research on immune-boosting health and diet Lists and tips for keeping a low-cost, healthy pantry Through diet, exercise, stress reduction, nutritional supplements, and the role of water, sunlight, and oxygen, you can harness the power of your immune system and drastically improve your immunity to disease. P.S. If you think this book seems familiar, you're probably right. The Dummies team updated the cover and design to give the book a fresh feel, but the content is the same as the previous release of Boosting Your Immunity For Dummies (9781118402009 find this on the copyright page). The book you see here shouldn't be considered a new or updated product. But if you're in the mood to learn something new, check out some of our other books. We're always writing about new topics!