• TAKING CARE OF MOTHER is about So-nyo, a wife and mother, who has lived a life of sacrifice and compromise. A few years before the novel begins she suffered a stroke, leaving her vulnerable and often confused. Now, travelling from her home village in the countryside to the Seoul of her grown-up children, she is separated from her husband as the doors close on a packed train. Her children and husband desperately follow every lead but fail to find So-nyo, last seen wandering into the hustle-and-bustle of Seoul station. The novel is told from four different viewpoints, following So-nyo's husband and two of her children as they lash out at each then grow closer again, each confronting their indifference to So-nyo's pain and loneliness. We also hear the ghostly voice of So-nyo, looking back at her childhood and unfulfilled ambitions, and yearning to be with her own mother - putting herself before her husband and children even if only in death.

  • A million-plus-copy best seller in Korea--a magnificent English-language debut poised to become an international sensation--this is the stunning, deeply moving story of a family';s search for their mother, who goes missing one afternoon amid the crowds of the Seoul Station subway.Told through the piercing voices and urgent perspectives of a daughter, son, husband, and mother, Please Look After Mom is at once an authentic picture of contemporary life in Korea and a universal story of family love.You will never think of your mother the same way again after you read this book.From the Hardcover edition.

  • How friendship, European literature, and a charismatic professor defy war, oppression, and the absurd Set in 1980s South Korea amid the tremors of political revolution, Ill Be Right There follows Jung Yoon, a highly literate, twenty-something woman, as she recounts her tragic personal history as well as those of her three intimate college friends. When Yoon receives a distressing phone call from her ex-boyfriend after eight years of separation, memories of a tumultuous youth begin to resurface, forcing her to re-live the most intense period of her life. With profound intellectual and emotional insight, she revisits the death of her beloved mother, the strong bond with her now-dying former college professor, the excitement of her first love, and the friendships forged out of a shared sense of isolation and grief.
    Yoons formative experiences, which highlight both the fragility and force of personal connection in an era of absolute uncertainty, become immediately palpable. Shin makes the foreign and esoteric utterly familiar: her use of European literature as an interpreter of emotion and experience bridges any gaps between East and West. Love, friendship, and solitude are the same everywhere, as this book makes poignantly clear.

  • À la fois grammaire et manuel pratique, cet ouvrage de référence dans l'enseignement du coréen démystifie la grammaire et la rend facile et agréable à apprendre. Il contient tous les points couverts par les niveaux 1 et 2 du TOPIK. Il est conçu pour permettre un apprentissage en un clin d'oeil des différences entre des constructions grammaticales similaires. Un large éventail d'expressions utilisées dans une même situation et des dialogues de de la vie quotidienne sont donnés en introduction de l'étude de chaque point. Enfin des exercices très simples permettent une mémorisation efficace des règles. Cette édition française comporte en outre un lexique coréen / français de tous les termes utilisés.
    Chaque unité est présenté selon le même schéma : exemples (illustrés avec un focus en couleur sur les expressions importantes) > points de grammaire > points à ne pas manquer > exercices (avec corrigés).